5 pc of new DEWULF carrot harvesters delivered in Sweden and Norway

Andershornstein AB has sold and started up 5 pcs of new DEWULF carrot harvesters to satisfied customers in Sweden and Norway. (3 pc in Sweden and 2 pc in Norway.)

Dewulf carrot harvester is now well established in Scandinavia with 9 machines running in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We thank you for the trust!!

Interested in changing carrot harvester?

Please contact us for more info and references!

We gladly trade in your old carrot harvester!

Dewulf has a very wide assortment of carrot harvesters:

Mounted harvesters / trailed harvesters / selfpropelled harvesters
Bunker / Elevator / Box System (automatic or manual)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 rows!

Please also visit Dewulf homepage: 


Movie of DEWULF P3K elevator carrot harvester:

Movie of Dewulf GBC trailed carrot harvester with bunker and gentle cross web for 
box filling: